The Evolution Of Coating Technology:
Following the advent of the aluminium tube, wax coating which originated for use on lead tubes, remained popular until vinyl liners were developed in Europe, Vinyl was soon followed by epoxy coatings, and then phenolic coatings. Today, the most common protective coating are epoxy /phenolics which have very high barrier properties and work well with modern application technology, and remain flexible as well as crack-resistant throughout the product life. Ongoing developments leading to new protective coating will ensure that as new products evolve, the aluminium tube will remain the package of choice.
Application Technology:
CTC uses the most modern technology available to apply Protective Coatings to the tube interior. Multiple guns permit the flexibility, concentrating the coating in one or more areas of the tube, as well as applying up to three coats. Wipers are used to constantly clean the guns to eliminate drips splashing inside the tube.
High To Medium Chemical Resistance:
Products having a pH of 5 or above would usually fall into this category. Normally, pharmaceutical products having a cream base, as well as some ointments, require these protective coating Example would include some topicals, steroidal creams, and haemorrhoidal products.

Many pharmaceutical products are compatible with high purity aluminium. Products with a petroleum base often do not require an internal barrier coating, and will be stable and maintain efficacy in an unlined aluminium tube.

General Applications: Food Quality:
Depending upon product characteristics and pH levels, many products can be packaged in aluminum tubes with versatile cost effective internal liners. A broad range of epoxy phenolic liners have proved very adaptable, and are preferred by many tube fillers.
Food Quality:
CTC’s relationship with food manufacturers indicates that all aluminium tubes manufactured for the food industry should incorporate a flexible internal barrier coating. We recommend that you discuss your specific requirements with your CTC’s representative.
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