Your corporate identity, as well as your product identity and trade name, can be enhanced with the CTC decorating choices. The selection is yours, and can set your product apart from others. Let us show you how.
The Clean Rx Or Ethical Look:
Attractive, vibrant decoration are most common on cosmetic packages. We can print tubes in upto four colors, and can add shading through the use of screening. Bright colors and distinctive color contrasts are all part of the cosmetic look.
Base coat enamels are most common in white. Other colors, such as beige, yellow, tan and others, have been used to augment the overall aesthetics of the finished tube. Pearlized enamel adds a new dimension and brilliance to the packages. Ask your CTC representative to show you a sample of a tube printed on a pearlized enamel.
The aluminium tube has an inherent decoration option not available on any other type of tube package. A clear enamel permits the natural metallic brilliance of aluminium to show through your decoration. Your CTC representative will gladly discuss this novel decoration with you upon request.
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